Leading refrigerator and air conditioning brands

  Perhaps you are thinking about installing a cool room or air conditioning unit. A big factor in deciding on which equipment to choose is the brand’s reputation. You can get cheaper options from less established brands but run the risk of faulty or failing machines. But then, are the leading brands that much better?…

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What is refrigerant?

  You might have heard how important refrigerant is to cooling systems. Well, without this simple chemical, we would not even have refrigeration technology. Being such an important substance, it deserves its own explainer article. We will discuss the common properties of refrigerant and why they allow your fridge to cool. What is refrigerant? Refrigerant…

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Top items that need to be in cold storage

Whether you own a cool room or commercial refrigeration unit, you might not be utilising them to their full capacity. Knowing what items you should refrigerate will ensure you are maximising the use of your fridge as well as practising food safety. If your business centres around food, this article is especially important. As food…

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LED light for your commercial refrigeration system

Liquor Fridge

Did you know that lighting commonly accounts for 25% to 50% of electricity usage for businesses? It is important to consider what that means for business owners who have to budget monthly bills and expenses. With LED lighting becoming more and more popular many people wonder if this type of lighting lives up to the…

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Commercial refrigeration temperature guide.

restaurant commercial refrigeration

Just because you have a working refrigerator or freezer at your establishment doesn’t mean it’s cold enough to store your food products in it. This is especially important for the commercial refrigeration products due to the strict food service industry regulations. The temperature at which foods are stored can affect their appearance, taste, nutrient content…

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