Organising your commercial cool room

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In our homes, the refrigerator is one of our favourite go-to’s and is often our source for a cheeky, late night snack. While it’s important to know where things are in the family fridge, it’s even more important to have safe and structured refrigeration at work.

A properly organised commercial fridge or cool room won’t just make your work easier; it will keep your staff, your stock and your customers safer. Organising a commercial refrigerator is more than just putting your milk in the door, though. In today’s article, we’re going to look at some dos and don’ts of refrigeration, as well as some helpful tips to organise your fridge.

Space your stock out

Leave room between items in your commercial refrigerator. The air that circulates between your food allows for consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator. This means more efficient freezing and safer stock.

Keep your meats low

The easiest way to avoid contamination is to keep your meats at the lowest level of your cool room. This way if juices manage to seep out, your only problem is cleaning up the floor, not throwing out bacteria-ridden stock.

Stay off the floor

While we advise storing your meats on the bottom shelf, food should stay off the floor. It can be tempting to use the floor of your cool room for more space, but it can create contamination from water and other sources.

Don’t fan fresh produce

The fans in your commercial fridge are essential for air circulation, but this can damage fresh produce. Make sure to keep these products away from your top shelves.

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