Cool rooms and food safety

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Cool rooms and food safety


Whether you have a cool room or you are considering putting one in, it is important to know why these are crucial to food safety.

With plenty of experience in cool room repairs and installations, JD Refrigeration understands the importance of having one when it comes to food safety, especially in hospitality and commercial businesses.

To learn why cool rooms play a big part in food safety, keep reading below.

Ensures the right temperature

The last thing you will want is for your food to get spoiled because it is stored at the wrong temperature. From raw meat to fresh vegetables, you’ll want to ensure you have a cool room available to maintain the quality of your produce and food.

By having a cool room, you can enforce temperature control. This means you are limiting your chances of having food caught in the danger zone that can create bacteria and cases of food poisoning.

With our cool rooms, you will have the peace of mind knowing your food is being stored at the approved temperature to reduce the chances of spoilage.

They are equipped with professional control systems and the most accurate of thermostats. Not only will you be able to monitor the temperature you require, but you’re also assured that your cool room is resilient and has automatic control when temperatures change.

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Encourages correct storage

An essential part of food safety is that you have safe food storage procedures emplaced. This means having an organised structure and properly separating foods.

Not only will this empower your working standards, but it will also harness any potential cross-contamination from happening in your fridge.

By having a walk-in cool room, you are given ample space compared to a standard fridge. With all the shelving available, you will be able to ensure that hazardous foods such as raw meats are put on lower shelves to limit any contamination from leakage.

This will also let you correctly space out your products, allowing proper circulation while having room for containers and labelled boxes.

To make sure you have an excellently organised space, we recommend taking advantage of your cool room design.

When you install a cool room through JD Refrigeration, we design each of our systems around your specific requirements. By doing this, you will have control of how you want your design and how you want to structure your storage.

Enforces safe food procedures and standards

With a cool room in Sydney, your restaurant or store can easily implement standards and procedures that encourage high-quality food stands. For example, you can keep the extra stock cool while they are waiting to be moved onto the shelves.

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Another handy procedure cool rooms can help support is the first in first out (FIFO) procedure. By having ample space on shelving, you can see to it that the first products in are the first products coming out.

This helps reduce any loss in stocks by ensuring products with dates that expire sooner get utilised first.

With cool rooms offering larger space, your overall workplace health and safety standards improve as the clear walking room poses fewer hazards.

This also makes it easier to clean as there is more area to move, and it is convenient to move products temporarily while you are cleaning the shelves.

Convinced your business needs a cool room? If you are looking for a cool room installation in the Sydney region, then JD Refrigeration is the company for you! Our team strives to deliver quality service while offering you competitive prices to ensure affordability.

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