Benefits of commercial refrigeration

  Owning a business that requires keeping a lot of items cool and chilled can be a major endeavour. After all, some equipment can take up too much space, while others are clunky and are highly expensive to operate. We, at JD Refrigeration, are Sydney’s commercial refrigeration experts. And in this article, we detail the…

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When to repair or get a new refrigerator

  “Is my fridge worth repairing or should I just get a new one?” This is the most common question we ask ourselves when it comes to what many home experts and business owners see as the most important appliance in the kitchen. This is especially essential during the summer in Sydney when it gets…

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How to eliminate refrigerator odours

Sometimes, especially after long use, a refrigerator or commercial cool room develops nasty smells. These should not be ignored as bad odours could be a sign of potentially dangerous bacteria lurking around. Opening or walking into your fridge should never make you convulse in disgust. In this article, we will explain a few ways to…

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Signs your refrigeration needs repair

  Your commercial or industrial refrigeration units are supposed to work for you, not have you work for them. If they aren’t performing optimally, or worse, are broken down, then you could lose business, stock and credibility. Repairing a broken unit is not as costly as the damage that can be done from not doing…

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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs – Why Call an Expert?

If you’re in the hospitality industry and your commercial refrigeration equipment breaks down, then it can be terrible. In such a situation, it can tempt you to perform repairs for the refrigeration unit, all by yourself. Well, even if you know how to use your DIY tools and are familiar with your fridge, it can…

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Is Your Commercial Refrigeration Ready For Summer In Sydney

Commercial Refrigeration

Your commercial refrigerator like any other appliance in your business will require occasional maintenance and repairs to keep it operating appropriately. When you’re able to identify the indicators of a problem, you can get the unit repaired swiftly before the damage gets multiplied or the product gets damaged. Watch out for these warning signs, and…

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Natural Refrigerants And Their Impact On Energy Conservation In Australia

Natural Refrigerants And Their Impact

In Australia, many of the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment makes use of fluorocarbon refrigerants to aid the heat transfer process. Fluorocarbon refrigerants are actually synthetic chemicals that normally have a very high GWP (Global Warming Potential), and some even have the potential to inflict damage to the ozone layer if released to the…

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