When to repair or get a new refrigerator

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“Is is worth repairing or should I get a new refrigerator?”

This is the most common question we ask ourselves when it comes to what many home experts and business owners see as the most important appliance in the kitchen. Especially during the summer in Sydney when it gets quite hot. It’s tempting to go out and simply buy a new fridge when your old one is acting up but is it the best option?

Read our guide to help you decide what may be the best way to settle the repair/replacement question in your own home or business. Though it isn’t definitive, it at least provides you with a basic template on what you should pay attention to.

When it comes to the condenser and overall cooling system of your fridge or freezer, it is quite important to figure out what specifically might be the problem. If it is something as simple as cleaning dirty condenser coils, then there is no need to buy a need refrigerated equipment. If there happens to be an issue with the condenser fan or a major clog in the cooling system, the repairs associated with these problems can cost a couple of hundred dollars. That might be a clincher for a replacement.

If you feel cold air around your fridge when the doors are closed, it might seem like there is a serious problem. After all, that cold air should stay in the fridge. In this case, you are looking at a relatively easy, not too expensive exchange of the door seal or an adjustment of the fridge door. If you noticed water accumulating under or inside your fridge, it doesn’t have to be as serious as you think (unless the water is rushing out). Having a dependable repair company like JD Refrigerations close makes such repair a lot easier as the technician knows how to fix it efficiently.

Perhaps the biggest reasons for replacement deal with an excess of some kind. For example, excess heat near sensitive components is always a big problem. Make it a habit to check for high heat behind & below your fridge. Also, if you watch your energy consumption closely, you should notice that your fridge or refrigerator is costing you a lot of money. The efficiency it once had is lost, so replacing it makes sense, especially if it’s an old model.

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