Air Conditioning Sydney

It’s no secret, Sydney gets extremely hot and it would be hard to survive the summer without air conditioning. That’s why at JD Refrigeration our dedicated team of technicians can install, service and repair a large range of domestic and commercial air conditioning equipment.

Avoid costly breakdowns, reduce energy costs and keep your A/C Air Conditioning System at peak performance with JD Refrigeration maintenance services.

Top Reasons for Repairing an Air Conditioning Unit

  • The air conditioning unit is not supplying cold air.
  • The air conditioner may be seeping water.
  • It may be lacking appropriate gas.
  • The air conditioning system is not getting heated.
  • The air conditioning unit is powerless.
  • The air conditioner delivers foul smell.

JD Refrigeration Repairs the Following Types of Air Conditioning Systems

With expertise in installation, services and repairs, our expert technicians can perform all types of cooling system repairs including:

  • Ducted system repairs
  • Split system repairs
  • Central air conditioning system repairs

We Specialise in Repairing Major Brands of Air Conditioning Systems

JD Refrigeration repairs all the major air conditioning brands and ensures to provide realistic solutions for all makes and models of your cooling system. Our team of qualified technicians strive to deliver unmatched repairing services throughout Sydney irrespective of the air conditioning system. JD Refrigeration’s certified technicians have been expertly trained to identify the fault and repair any type of air conditioning system. With a wealth of experience, we can fix any air conditioning problems that you’re experiencing on your property. We specialise in repairing the following major brands:

  • Daikin Air Conditioning Systems
  • Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems
  • Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems and
  • ActronAir Air Conditioning Systems

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

For all your residential and commercial air conditioning repairs, installation and service needs in Sydney, JD Refrigeration can help you to get the best air conditioning solutions.

At JD Refrigeration, we understand how important the air conditioning system is for you and your family – regardless of whether you’re a residential or a commercial property owner, we’ll be happy to provide all the repairs and installation services for creating a comfortable ambience in your property.

Our qualified technicians work tirelessly to provide high-quality service to all our clients throughout Sydney. JD Refrigeration not only repairs major air conditioning brands but also performs maintenance services to keep your cooling system in top working condition.

For experiencing ultimate air conditioning solutions, get in touch with JD Refrigeration today and allow us to show why JD Refrigeration is one of the most reliable air conditioning companies in Sydney.


To provide an effective service to our customers in emergency situations JD Refrigeration has an after hours access to all major suppliers parts in Sydney metro area.