Restaurant Refrigerators Sydney

One of the most important parts of every restaurant is its commercial refrigeration system. Restaurant refrigeration equipment ranges from small coolers to large walk-in freezers and refrigerators. Be careful when it comes to selecting the right type of restaurant refrigerators for your business to make sure your commercial kitchen runs smoothly and contributes to a positive experience for staff and customers, not to mention the health factor.

Most common types of Restaurant Refrigerators

Reach-in Coolers

They are the most commonly used in bar areas of the restaurant and service stations. A reach-in cooler, as its name suggests, is low to the ground, with usually two doors for staff to reach in for items. Reach-ins work best if they are isolated from the cooking line and all kitchen heat. The main purpose of this particular placement is to keep the food stored inside at safe holding temperatures.

Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers come in various sizes, starting from a small closet to as big as a living room. Walk-ins are ideal for holding large boxes of produce, buckets of food and anything that is large and perishable. Food-grade shelves, wall covering, and flooring have to be used in this type of restaurant refrigerator.

Refrigeration Drawers

Quite commonly known as fish drawers, under-counter refrigeration drawers are perfect for small restaurant kitchens. They are designed to be installed directly into the cooking line and can hold meat, poultry or seafood.

Restaurant Freezers

Just like the equipment listed above, they can be either reach-ins or walk-ins. It is important to know that restaurant freezers aren’t a place to store or make ice. Investing in an ice machine is a good idea for this purpose.

Bar Refrigerators

Often known as low boys or high boys. White wines, bottled beer, or any other canned beverages are stored in bar coolers. You might need a bigger cooling space for bar kegs and other large items.

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