Choosing the right commercial refrigerator Sydney

If you already own a food business or thinking of starting one, you will definitely need a commercial fridge for your establishment. The main difference from a residential fridge is that commercial ones are usually transparent to display the store’s goods. It can be placed at the storefront and used to attract customers. Commercial fridges are usually large and use more energy. If you are shopping for a commercial fridge, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consult a supplier – get a reliable contact to give you the information you need, such as types, brands, and features. This is very important especially if this is your first time to buy a commercial refrigerator or a cool room in Sydney.
  • Consider the size you need – it’s not enough to get a fridge that can house all your goods; you also need to make sure you don’t buy something bigger than you need. This way you avoid wasting space and electric consumption.
  • Consider glass doors – closing and opening fridge doors can be a hassle if you have very limited space. A fridge with glass doors is a good alternative.

Why you should Choose JD Refrigeration in Sydney.

JD Refrigeration only specialises in Commercial Refrigeration. It is your one-stop shop for all your commercial refrigeration needs.
We give our customers honest and professional advice in choosing the right unit. We have a team of qualified and highly-trained Fridge Mechanics are available 24/7. We will do our best to answer all your queries and give you the best price possible.
To prevent equipment deterioration, we provide:

  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Regular inspection of the equipment identifies potential problems early on.
  • We equip our customers with training: New Equipment Training; Quarterly / Pre-Season Check Ups and Equipment Cleaning.

Below is a list of our products:

  • Cake and Food Display
  • Deli Showcases
  • Stainless Steel
  • Under Counter Fridges
  • Compact Bar Fridges
  • Glass Door Wine Fridges
  • Salad and Pizza Prep Fridges
  • Upright Commercial Display Fridges

If you need help with choosing, installing or repairing your commercial refrigeration unit, consult JD Refrigeration, the most reliable technicians in Sydney.

Call JD Refrigeration at 0404 840 296 or visit our website.

Our choosing the right commercial refrigerator in Sydney include: