9 Handy Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Your Restaurant

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In our articles, we usually focus on our customer’s commercial/restaurant refrigeration needs. However, as keeping your business sustainable and eco-friendly in Sydney has become very popular within the last couple of years. We decided to share some tips that might help your daily business operation.

It’s not always easy to plan and manage your inventory perfectly. You spend a lot of time trying to figure out how many fruits and vegetables you will need, and then end up with too much. Bummer! No one wants to waste food and money.

Did you order too much? Your special didn’t sell as well as you expected? No matter what the reason is, you can easily use these overripe fruit and vegetables.

We compiled some excellent ideas for you below.


1. Make a soup of the day
An easy option! It will be especially popular during cold winter days. Since vegetables will soften when you boil them it doesn’t really matter if they’re not fresh and crisp anymore.

2. Make a puree
The puree is seriously underrated, yet it is a fabulous side dish. It can be served with meat or fish, or even on its own. It is actually very popular in France. Here is your chance to make it up for all these years spent ignoring puree! Zucchinis, potatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli… you can puree anything. The thinner, the better, and the fancier!

3. Make a pasta sauce
Whether you operate an Italian restaurant or not, you can’t go wrong with a good pasta sauce! Plus, having a homemade sauce listed on your menu will look great.

4. Make a salad dressing
Why not trying to blend your overripe carrots, onions and cucumbers, and add some olive oil, vinegar and condiments. See how it goes.

5. Bake a quick bread
One of the most popular ones is banana bread, but the truth is you can use many other ingredients. Blueberry pancakes? Peach muffins? Be creative and test your limits. Why not try avocado brownies, beetroot brownies or sweet potato spice cakes?

6. Make smoothies & juices
OK, that one is pretty obvious, but it had to be listed.

7. Make compotes
The compote is the sweet version of puree. Sadly, it is also underrated. It is a great healthy option to add to your dessert menu. It is simple for you to make, and ideal for customers with a sweet tooth who want “something small”. A win-win for everyone.

8. Homemade jam
Nothing tastes better than homemade jam. If you can, it is ideal to have fresh jam available for your customers to add to their toasts, scones or even their yogurts.

9. Free staff meal
Last but not least, another excellent idea is to cook for the whole team. That way you avoid wasting food and you make your employees happy. The perfect way to kill two birds with one stone!

We hope you enjoyed today’s blog and you will find it useful for your business.

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