Commercial Cool Rooms vs Fridges – What Should You Use?

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How do commercial cool rooms differ from fridges?


As a business owner with refrigeration needs, you’ve probably decided whether to install a commercial fridge or a commercial/industrial cool room.

The differences between these options seem less evident at first glance.

Refrigeration chambers are built for different purposes, and while they all work to lower the temperature, various characteristics set them apart.

Many commercial fridges in Sydney can be found in supermarkets, smaller shops and businesses, keeping pastries, cakes, canned drinks, water, and cold food and drinks.

Industrial-grade cool rooms are on a much larger cooling system. They can be found in warehouses, factories, restaurants and large-scale businesses.

Benefits of Commercial Fridges

Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators store ingredients and prepare food and beverages for long periods without spoiling. Most of these are built for display purposes, along with the evident cooling functions required by businesses.

In the context of catering, busy restaurants will need to open and close fridge doors quite often. Commercial fridges are, therefore, explicitly built for this purpose, using powerful compressors that quickly reduce the temperature in the refrigerator.

These fridges are also made to support routine wear and tear accordingly.

The best stand-up commercial fridges are usually fan-assisted, displacing cold air among the fridge compartments.

These fan-assisted fridges are a little noisier than some fridges. But it’s a small price to pay for a substantial improvement in catering businesses.

Benefits of Commercial Cool Rooms

A commercial or industrial cold room is a larger refrigerating chamber wherein a thermostat artificially controls a set temperature. These large-scale cooling systems store products below room or outside temperature.

Commercial cool rooms

These work by slowing the biological or chemical processes in foods and preventing aggressive deterioration, thus preserving the quality of the products.

Refrigeration extends the lifespan of food products by numerous days with cooling.

Industrial cool rooms have extensive square footage, which enables factories or businesses to keep large amounts of consumables for longer periods.

This allows catering businesses to avoid running to the grocery store daily, improving efficiency.

Tips for Considering Fridges or Cool Rooms For Your Business

When reviewing commercial fridges or cool rooms, there are a few factors to note before purchasing.

  • It’s essential to recognise the specific applications for which you require a cooling system, such as the location of your commercial fridge or cool room.
  • A commercial fridge is best for small convenience stores, grocery stores with a few consumable products, or a coffee shop needing to display pastries. Its small size and display design allow you to present your products cleanly and efficiently.
  • If you are a larger catering business, maybe a consumable product outlet or farm, you would benefit from a commercial or industrial-scale cool room.
  • These rooms are usually walk-in, allowing efficient storage.
  • Businesses, such as butcher shops, cold stores, liquor stores or supermarkets, generally have cool rooms to store their products.
  • On the other hand, funeral homes often have an industrial cooling system.
  • For example, restaurants, hotels and large grocery stores would benefit from commercial fridges and cool rooms.
  • Cool rooms are storage facilities for their stock, while refrigerators display the products on sale.

Professional installation of these cooling systems is vital to maximise efficiency and minimise defects.

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