Common problems with Ice Machines.

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There are many things can cause problems with your ice machine. Most of the issues revolve around the water that has to flow through the machine to make it work efficiently. When water doesn’t function correctly, or when deposits in water build up on parts, problems may occur.

In today’s article, we listed some common problems you might experience with your ice machines.

  • Water leaking into the machine – This sometimes happens when there’s a leaky valve. It results in large cubes that are blocking up the system. It might be worth inspecting your ice machine for loose connections and bad clips.
  • The room is too warm – When you’re using an air cooled machine, you’re dependent upon the optimum temperature in the room to produce ice. The higher the temperature is, the more the machine has to work and the less ice you will get. If the room is too warm for a long time, you might experience frequent breakdowns.
  • The water temperature is too high – Unfortunately, this problem often makes ice machine slow down or even shut off entirely.
  • Low water flow – If you’ve got a low flow of water, you will get uneven or small cubes. There might be a stoppage in the line or something else that is blocking the system. Check the water flow from your plumbing and remove any blockages from the hose or your filter.

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