Signs your refrigeration needs repair

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Signs your refrigeration needs repair infographic


Your commercial or industrial refrigeration units are supposed to work for you, not have you work for them. If they aren’t performing optimally, or worse, are broken down, then you could lose business, stock and credibility. Repairing a broken unit is not as costly as the damage that can be done by not doing anything. Let us analyse some signs indicating whether your refrigerator is performing at its peak.


1) Failing thermostat

This point probably seems obvious. The purpose of a fridge is to keep things cool and at a safe temperature. If your unit struggles to maintain adequate cooling, something is wrong or fails to do so altogether.

Restaurants and food storage companies have regulated temperature requirements that could shut down their business if neglected. Food and product safety is key – and just because your fridge is blowing cool air does not mean it is cold enough. You can test the temperature by using a calibrated thermometer.

2) Weird noises

All machinery produces some noise, especially industrial refrigeration systems. But some noises are expected while others are warning signs. If any new noises develop while using your unit and are recurring, pay attention to them. Excessive ticking, metal clanging or growling-type noises are not typical and should be treated cautiously. The earlier you spot and have an expert look at the issue, the better because some noises can lead to blown-out motors or complete shutdowns.

3) Mould/Smells

In some instances, especially with commercial refrigeration, food spoils and can cause mould. This is fairly normal and can be eliminated. But sometimes, the mould lingers and spreads through the actual fridge itself. This should be dealt with right away as it is a health hazard.

Mould or foul smells that linger even after cleaning the interior may result from issues within the panels or vents. Having a trusted commercial refrigeration repair team to inspect your system will help you rid the curse of mould or any bad smells.

4) Too much condensation

Condensation is normal, as the fridge keeps the inside colder than the outside. But if condensation becomes excessive or water accumulates on the floor, this is a problem. Not only is this a safety hazard, but this is a sign that your fridge is not running optimally as well. The seals may need replacing, or perhaps the venting system is failing. Either way, having a professional remedy the problem immediately is vital.

5) Ice build-up

At some point, you may have the opposite problem with a fridge not keeping things cool enough. There can be times when refrigeration units overwork and cause the interior to ice over. This can be annoying as we may need to use products or items but cannot because they have to thaw out first. This is a problem, and it may be an indicator of future issues. It also wastes energy and overworks your unit, potentially leading to breakdowns.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or want to perform a routine commercial or industrial refrigeration check-up, contact JD Refrigeration. We know all things fridge and can carry out repairs, maintenance or even design and install new units. Call and speak to one of our friendly staff today at 0404 840 296.

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