What is refrigerant?

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What is refrigerant?


You might have heard how important refrigerant is to cooling systems. Well, without this simple chemical, we would not even have refrigeration technology.

Being such an important substance, it deserves its own explainer article. We will discuss the common properties of refrigerant and why they allow your fridge to cool.

What is refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a liquid chemical substance that runs through heat pumps. It undergoes chemical changes and allows heat to be transferred without producing more energy.

This is extremely important because any extra heat will minimise the cooling function of your fridge which will waste energy, cause wear and tear of parts and mitigate the overall function of cool rooms.

Why you need it

Without refrigerant, the machine’s parts will heat more and more. When this happens, you will be stuck with a system that is supposed to cool, but the energy required to cool it is constantly increased because the machine is also heating up.

Refrigerant allows the machine to cool while removing heat.

How it works

Basically, the liquid boils into a vapour (which uses up the energy and heat) and then condenses back into a liquid. This needs to happen repeatedly without fail. Otherwise, overheating will occur and then the cool room will break down.

Types of refrigerants

Water is a basic form of refrigerant as it can heat up and cool quickly and easily. However, for commercial cool rooms in Sydney that perform on a large and extensive basis, a more reliable and efficient liquid is needed.

Many refrigerants are actually a chemical mixture — and there are various laws and regulations surrounding them. These chemicals have extremely low boiling points compared to water which allows them to extract heat better. But because the chemicals can be dangerous, it is important that the machine is running perfectly.

Toxicity is not a real issue in commercial or food-based cool rooms, especially when installed and designed properly by professionals.

Removal of refrigerants should be done legally and expertly as to not expose the atmosphere to unnecessary toxins. Again, an experienced and expert refrigeration company would be able to assist you with all your refrigerant needs, including disposal and maintenance.

If your commercial cool room or fridge is acting up or requires maintenance, don’t delay — especially for food-grade cool rooms. You can lose money and stocks if your fridge is not performing at optimal efficiency.

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