LED light for your commercial refrigeration system

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Liquor Fridge

Did you know that lighting commonly accounts for 25% to 50% of electricity usage for businesses? It is important to consider what that means for business owners who have to budget monthly bills and expenses.

With LED lighting becoming more and more popular many people wonder if this type of lighting lives up to the hype and is worth switching to. Only a couple years ago LED lights were extremely expensive, but as technology has advanced, they have become more affordable to businesses in Australia.

Lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of refrigeration, but it is an important aspect of these appliances. Running large cooling appliances costs a lot of money so it is vital to consider any area that money can be saved.

In today’s blog we would like to show you some benefits of switching to LED lights for you so you can make an informed decision for your business:

  1. LED lights usually cost more up front than the standard fluorescent lights that are found in most walk-in coolers and freezers. Fortunately, LED lights quickly pay for themselves due to lower energy bills. Not only do LED lights use much less energy than fluorescent bulbs but they also emit less heat. This helps when it comes to the cost of running your refrigerator or cooler. In this case, your appliance doesn’t need to work as hard to cancel out the heat coming from your fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are capable of lasting 50,000 hours in a cooler and up to 100,000 hours in a freezer. Better yet, they aren’t damaged by cold temperature of high humidity as some other light bulbs are.
  2. LED lights turn on instantly and do not take much time to warm up to their full level of brightness. They come in several different tones so you can choose which will help to display your products best. Also, LED lights do not contain dangerous mercury, which is a serious concern for those who own businesses where food is stored.
  3. Many coolers and refrigerators have an upgrade option so that they can be purchased with LED lights. If you already own a cooler or refrigerator, you may want to consider retrofitting your appliance with LED lights. The cost up front often pays for itself many times over given the long-term energy and lifespan benefits of LED bulbs.