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As an owner or manager of commercial space that caters to food, it is essential to the success of your business to maximise space in your kitchen, store or restaurant. A common problem among those who require commercial refrigeration for their company is the lack of space when the products are installed. This issue can affect the interior of the refrigerator and the exterior space in your kitchen or store. Consideration of how the size and shape of the refrigerator affect your area can give way to a more efficient placement that could be instrumental in running a successful business.   For businesses that use commercial refrigeration, design is necessary to give you an easier, smarter workspace and prevent bottlenecks in food or customer flow production.

Planning the layout with a refrigeration expert is critical when considering which items should be purchased.

Considering several commercial refrigeration units, look at your space and how you normally direct traffic in your kitchen or store. Begin by marking the area where you wish to place your refrigeration unit. Remember, having groups of units that complement the flow of food preparation or consumer buying area is always smart. A functional kitchen is also important. If you want a smoothly running kitchen, consider a custom design for your business. Energy efficiency is also critical when trying to maximise your commercial refrigeration space. Choose a location for your refrigeration units. Call the specialist at JD Refrigeration to help you choose units that maximise space while ensuring that your setup is energy efficient.   Other considerations for maximising your space can be made in the interior of the refrigeration unit. Additional shelves, resizing spacing between shelves and organising your food and beverage products will open space for more efficient storage.   Suppose you need long-term storage, under-counter refrigerators or bar equipment. In that case, there are always options for creating a space that will maximise the efficiency of your store or commercial kitchen.

Our technicians from JD Refrigeration in Sydney can assist you in installing and repairing your commercial refrigeration units to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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